The Nomads (SWE)

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The godfathers of the Swedish garage rock scene.
Current album ‘Solna’ received rave reviews (Universal for Scandinavia, Devils Jukebox for the rest of Europe); 2013 release: “Loaded Deluxe EP” on coloured vinyl with brand new tracks!
Bookings for all of Europe except SWE (by Rob)

Sat. Sep. 07 – DNK – København – Nostalguratu 11 (venue: Rochmaskinen/Christiania)

Sat. Nov. 09 – BEL – Leuven – Breaking Barriers Festival (venue: Het Depot)

The Bulgarian Voices Angelité (BGR)

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The sensational success of this choir started in 1987 under the name “Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares”. The choir had to the name and has released more than 13 albums. After more than 15 years of absence they are back!
New album “Heritage” due summer! (Jaro Medien – Music&Words).
Bookings for the Netherlands (by Hilde)

Thu. Nov. 07 – NLD
Fri. Nov. 08 – NLD

Live Skull (USA)

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Formed in 1982, the quintessential New York noise band Live Skull are back this year with a brand-new album ‘Saturday Night Massacre’, out in October. Together with other New York bands Sonic Youth and Swans, Live Skull defined the term “noise rock”.
In his much-quoted review for The New York Times, Robert Palmer declared, “With each new record, New York’s Live Skull delivers a more concentrated brand of emotional intensity, a more ferociously disciplined sonic assault”.
Often brutal and yet strangely seductive, full of hooks and emotional intensity, and with a drone-dance-quality that reminds us of the early Velvet Underground.
After a gap of 30 years, Live Skull are back! The band’s current core consists of Mark C., Rich Hutchins, and Kent Heine.
New album ‘Saturday Night Massacre’ out this autumn (Bronson Recordings – import)
Bookings for Europe (by Rob)

Thu. Nov. 14 – EUR
Fri. Nov. 15 – EUR
Sat. Nov. 16 – EUR
Sun. Nov. 17 – NLD – t.b.a. – t.b.a. (int.)
Mon. Nov. 18 – NLD – t.b.a. – t.b.a. (int.)
Tue. Nov. 19 – EUR
Wed. Nov. 20 – EUR
Thu. Nov. 21 – ITA – Ravenna – Transmissions Festival
Fri. Nov. 22 – ITA – Ravenna – Transmissions Festival
Sat. Nov. 23 – EUR
Sun. Nov. 24 – EUR
Mon. Nov. 25 – EUR
Tue. Nov. 26 – DEU – t.b.a. – t.b.a. (int.)
Wed. Nov. 27 – EUR
Thu. Nov. 28 – EUR

Huun Huur Tu (RUS)

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Tuvan throat singers, the music is based on native Tuvan folk traditions in instruments and singing, though in recent years western instruments like guitar and electronics are added.
New album “Children of the Otter” out now! (Jaro Medien-Music&Word).
Bookings for the Netherlands (by Hilde)

Sat. Nov. 23 – NLD – Rotterdam – LantarenVenster
Sun. Nov. 24 – NLD – Arnhem – Oostpool

Pussy Riot: Riot Days (RUS)

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Protest art collective based in Moscow formed in 2011 with approx. 11 women participating.They staged unauthorised provocative guerrilla punk rock performances in unusual public places, which brought 3 of them to prison camps. Maria Alekhina was one of them. She wrote a book about it, “Riot Days”. The book is the basis for this multi-media performance. Read also the great interview in The Music.
New book “Riot Days” (Bertelsmann Pinguin).
Bookings for the Netherlands (by Hilde)

Sun. Nov. 24 – NLD – Leeuwarden – Explore the North festival
Mon. Nov. 25 – NLD – Leeuwarden – Iepen-Up (public interview with Maria Alekhina)
Tue. Nov. 26 – NLD – Utrecht – TivoliVredenburg
Wed. Nov. 27 – BEL – Gent – Handelsgebouw (promoter: Democrazy)

I Muvrini (FRA)

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Corsican singer-songwriters since 30 years, combination of traditional polyphony with pop.
The live shows of I Muvrini are known for the engagement of the group for tolerance among humans. The song texts also speak about a great respect for nature.
Current album “Luciole”, new album “Portu in Core” due September!
Bookings for the Netherlands (by Hilde)

Portu in Core tour:
Tue. Mar. 17 – NLD – Tilburg – Theaters Tilburg

Sat. Mar. 28 – NLD – Heerlen – Parkstad Limburg Theater

10cc (GBR)

website, facebook
Legendary band with ultra-high quality pop/rock songs that reached the charts many times.
Merely reading the titles should bring the song to your mind: Dreadlock Holiday, I’m Not In Love, The Wall Street Shuffle, The Things We Do For Love, Rubber Bullets, I’m Mandy Fly Me, etcetera.Check the recent documentary ‘I’m Not In Love – The Story of 10cc’ here.
Bookings for the Netherlands (by Rob)

2020 tour:
Thu. Apr. 09 – NLD – Zwolle – Theater de Spiegel
Fri. Apr. 10 – NLD – Den Haag – Zuiderstrandtheater
Sat. Apr. 11 – NLD – Nijmegen – De Vereeniging
Sun. Apr. 12 – NLD – Groningen – De Oosterpoort

Tue. Apr. 14 – NLD – Amsterdam – Het Concertgebouw
Wed. Apr. 15 – NLD – Kerkrade – Parkstad Limburg Theaters

Fri. Apr. 17 – NLD – Hengelo (Ov.) – Schouwburg Hengelo
Sat. Apr. 18 – NLD – Eindhoven – Muziekgebouw Eindhoven
Sun. Apr. 19 – NLD – Vlissingen – CineCityXL