The Nomads (SWE)

website, facebook
The godfathers of the Swedish garage rock scene.
Current album ‘Solna’ received rave reviews (Universal for Scandinavia, Devils Jukebox for the rest of Europe); 2013 release: “Loaded Deluxe EP” on coloured vinyl with brand new tracks!
Bookings for all of Europe except SWE (by Rob)

Sat. Nov. 10 – GRC – Athinai – ANClub


Delinquent Habits (USA)

website, facebook, instagram, soundcloud
Latin hiphop with distinct mariachi elements.
Hits include “Tres Delinquentes”, “Return of the Tres” and “Here Come the Horns”.
Brand-new album ‘It Could Be Round Two’ out now.
Last year the Dutch club tour in April ’17 did very well, as did the Amsterdam show early October that year.
Bookings for the Netherlands (by Rob)Thu. Dec. 13 – NLD – Breda – Mezz
Fri. Dec. 14 – NLD – Venlo – Grenswerk
Sat. Dec. 15 – NLD – Alkmaar – Podium Victorie
Sun. Dec. 16 – NLD – Groningen – Urban House / Simplon (afternoon show) – SOLD OUT!


Buzzcocks (GBR)

website, facebook
Purveyors of ultimate pop-punk since 1976.
Current studio album “The Way” (1-2-3-4-GO! Records-Bertus).
Booking for the Netherlands (by Rob)

Fri. Dec. 14 – NLD – Arnhem – Luxor Live (exclusive show for the Netherlands and neighbouring parts of Germany!)


Pussy Riot (RUS)

website, trailer, youtube1, youtube2
Protest art collective based in Moscow formed in 2011 with approx. 11 women participating.They staged unauthorised provocative guerrilla punk rock performances in unusual public places, which brought 3 of them to prison camps. Maria Alyokhina was one of them. She wrote a book about it, “Riot Days”. The book is the basis for this multi-media performance. Read also the great interview in The Music.
New book “Riot Days” (Bertelsmann Pinguin).
Bookings for the Netherlands (by Hilde)

lectures/interviews with Maria Alyokhina
Mon. Jan. 14 – NLD – t.b.a. (t.b.c.)
Tue. Jan. 15 – NLD
Wed. Jan. 16 – NLD – t.b.a. (t.b.c.)

“Riot Days” live shows of Pussy Riot
Fri. Jan. 25 – NLD – Eindhoven – Effenaar

Mon. Jan. 28 – NLD – Groningen – Oosterpoort
Tue. Jan. 29 – NLD – Haarlem – Patronaat
Wed. Jan. 30 – NLD – Arnhem – Luxor Live
Thu. Jan. 31 – NLD – Den Haag – Paard van Troje



10cc’s Graham Gouldman & Heart Full of Songs (GBR)

website, facebook, wiki
10cc co-founder and current band-leader Graham Gouldman, together with Iain Hornal and Ciaran Jeremiah, presents the songs that he wrote or co-wrote during his long career as a songwriter. The shows are intimate and semi-acoustic, with lots of stories about the songs and about Graham’s career. Not only 10cc-songs are presented, but also songs such as “For Your Love” (The Yardbirds), “Bus Stop” (The Hollies), and “No Milk Today” (Herman’s Hermits) that are Gouldman compositions, as well as songs from Gouldman’s recent solo-albums such as “Love and Work” (Rosala Records/Wienerworld – import).
Bookings for the Netherlands (by Rob)

Mon. Feb. 04 – NLD – Zeist – Theater Figi
Tue. Feb. 05 – NLD – Heerlen – Parkstad Limburg Theaters
Wed. Feb. 06 – NLD – Nijmegen – LUX
Thu. Feb. 07 – NLD – Eindhoven – Muziekgebouw
Fri. Feb. 08 – NLD – Middelburg – De Spot
Sat. Feb. 09 – NLD – Sneek – Het Bolwerk
Sun. Feb. 10 – NLD – Amsterdam – Concertgebouw


Wucan (DEU)

website, facebook, youtube
Female-fronted hard-rock band with flute.
Current album “Reap The Storm” (Made In Germany Music – Suburban).
Bookings for the Netherlands (by Hilde)

Fri. Feb. 22 – NLD – Arnhem – Luxor Live


Sass Jordan (CAN)

website, facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube
Canada’s ‘Queen of Rock’, known from her hits: “Make You A Believer”, “High Road Easy”, “So Hard”, and many more.
Current album “Racine Revisited” (Linus Entertainment-Bertus), new album expected in spring!
Bookings for all of Europe (by Hilde)

Wed. May 01 – EUR
Thu. May 02 – EUR
Fri. May 03 – EUR
Sat. May 04 – NLD – t.b.a. (int.)
Sun. May 05 – NLD – t.b.a. (int.)

Wed. May 08 – NLD – Heerlen – Nieuwe Nor
Thu. May 09 – NLD – Arnhem – Luxor Live
Fri. May 10 – NLD – Amsterdam – Q-Factory
Sat. May 11 – NLD – t.b.a. (confirmed festival show)
Sun. May 12 – NLD – Hengelo (Ov.) – Metropool

Wed. May 15 – NOR – t.b.a. (int.)
Thu. May 16 – NOR – t.b.a. (int.)
Fri. May 17 – NOR – t.b.a. (int.)
Sat. May 18 – NOR – t.b.a. (int.)
Sun. May 19 – EUR


Huun Huur Tu (RUS)

website, facebook, soundcloud, twitter, youtube, wiki
Tuvan throat singers, the music is based on native Tuvan folk traditions in instruments and singing, though in recent years western instruments like guitar and electronics are added.
New album “Children of the Otter” out now!
Bookings for the Netherlands (by Hilde)

Fri. Nov. 22 – NLD – t.b.a. (int.)
Sat. Nov. 23 – NLD
Sun. Nov. 24 – NLD – t.b.a. (int.)

Fri. Nov. 29 – NLD – t.b.a. (int.)
Sat. Nov. 30 – NLD – t.b.a. (int.)

I Muvrini (FRA)

website, facebook, twitter, Dutch website, fansite
Corsican singer-songwriters since 30 years, combination of traditional polyphony with pop.
Current album “Luciole”.
Bookings for the Netherlands (by Hilde)

2020 tour:
Tue. Mar. 17 – NLD – t.b.a. (confirmed theatre show)

Sat. Mar. 28 – NLD – t.b.a. (confirmed theatre show)