Bulgarian Voices Angelite – Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares (BGR)

website, facebook
The sensational success of this choir started in 1987 under the name “Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares”. The choir had to switch to the name “The Bulgarian Voices Angelité” and has released more than 13 albums. After more than 15 years of absence they are back!
Current album “Heritage” (Jaro Medien – Music&Words).
Bookings for the Netherlands (by Hilde)


Thu. Sep. 21 – NLD – Hoofddorp – C.
Fri. Sep. 22 – NLD – Heerlen – Parkstad Limburg Theater

Pussy Riot: Riot Days (RUS)

website, facebook, youtube1, youtube2
Protest art collective based in Moscow formed in 2011 with approx. 11 women participating. They staged unauthorised provocative guerrilla punk rock performances in unusual public places, which brought 3 of them to prison camps. Maria Alyokhina was one of them. She wrote a book about it, “Riot Days”. The book is the basis for this multi-media performance. Read also the great interview in The Music.
Book: “Riot Days” (Bertelsmann Pinguin).
Bookings for the Netherlands (by Hilde)


Fri. Sep. 22 – NLD – Waalre – Kempenerpop Festival


Thu. Mar. 07 – NLD/BEL
Fri. Mar. 08 – NLD/BEL
Sat. Mar. 09 – NLD/BEL
Sun. Mar. 10 – NLD – t.b.a. (t.b.c.)

The Nomads (SWE)

website, facebook, instagram
The godfathers of the Swedish garage rock scene.
The Nomads started in 1981.
Current album ‘Solna’ received rave reviews (Universal for Scandinavia, Devils Jukebox for the rest of Europe); 2013 release: “Loaded Deluxe EP” on coloured vinyl with brand new tracks!
Bookings for all of Europe (by Rob)


Fri. Sep. 22 – DEU – Monheim am Rhein – Sojus 7 (grand re-opening of venue after refurbishment; also the venues 35th anniversary)

DJ Afrika Bambaataa (USA)

facebook, instagram, zulunation, wiki
Afrika Bambaataa is one of the three originators of break-beat deejaying, and is known as the “Grandfather” and “Godfather” and The Amen Ra of Universal Hip Hop Culture as well as The Father of The Electro Funk Sound.
(Tommy Boy Records)
Bookings for the Netherlands (by Rob)

Fri. Oct. 06 – Wed. Oct. 11 – NLD

Wed. Oct. 18 – Tue. Oct. 31 – NLD

24-7 SPYZ (USA)

wiki, facebook, bandcamp
The Heavy Metal Soul pioneers from the South Bronx are about to rock the world again in 2023 with the release of their seventh studio-album “The Soundtrack To The Innermost Galaxy”. Their energetic shows have always rocked the crowds, while at the same time the band does not shun experiment and cross-over.
New album “The Soundtrack To The Innermost Galaxy” out soon! (The Gumbo Recording Company-Cargo).
Bookings for all of Europe (by Rob)


Wed. Oct. 18 – NLD
Thu. Oct. 19 – NLD – Den Haag – Paard *
Fri. Oct. 20 – NLD – Haarlem – Patronaat *
Sat. Oct. 21 – NLD – Zwolle – Hedon *
Sun. Oct. 22 – NLD – Utrecht – dB’s (sold out!)

*: 24-7 SPYZ as Special Guest with ‘Rudeboy plays Urban Dance Squad ft. DJ DNA’

10cc (GBR)

website, facebook, twitter
Legendary band with ultra-high quality pop/rock songs that reached the charts many times.
Merely reading the titles should bring the songs to your mind: Dreadlock Holiday, I’m Not In Love, The Wall Street Shuffle, The Things We Do For Love, Rubber Bullets, I’m Mandy Fly Me, etcetera.
Check the recent documentary ‘I’m Not In Love – The Story of 10cc’ here.
Bookings for the Netherlands (by Rob)


Tue. Oct. 31 – NLD – Zwolle – Theater de Spiegel (i.c.w. Hedon Zwolle) (sold out!)
Wed. Nov. 01 – NLD – Eindhoven – Muziekgebouw Eindhoven (sold out!)

Sat. Nov. 04 – NLD – Vlissingen – CCXL Theater

Mon. Nov. 06 – NLD – Groningen – De Oosterpoort (sold out!)
Tue. Nov. 07 – NLD – Amsterdam – Het Concertgebouw (sold out!)
Wed. Nov. 08 – NLD – Rotterdam – De Doelen
Thu. Nov. 09 – NLD – Enschede – Muziekcentrum Enschede (i.c.w. Poppodium Metropool) (sold out!)
Fri. Nov. 10 – NLD – Arnhem – Musis Arnhem (i.c.w. Luxor Live) (sold out!)

Wed. Nov. 15 – NLD – Heerlen – Theater Heerlen (PLT)

Tommy Castro & The Painkillers (USA)

website, facebook, instagram, wiki
Whether he’s squeezing out the deepest blues or playing the funkiest soul grooves, legendary blues and soul giant Tommy Castro knows how to ignite a crowd.
“Tommy Castro & The Painkillers showcase the power of the blues, soul and down-and-dirty rock ‘n’ roll… rousing and infectious. This is energizing, scorching, soul-shaking music…. pure pleasure.” – Living Blues
Current album “A Bluesman Came To Town” (Alligator Records-Munich Records/V2 Records).
Bookings for the Netherlands (by Hilde)


Sun. Nov. 12 – NLD – Venlo – Grenswerk

Huun Huur Tu (RUS)

website, facebook, soundcloud, twitter, youtube, wiki
Tuvan throat singers. The music is based on native Tuvan folk traditions in instruments and singing. In recent years western instruments like guitar and electronics are added.
This tour will be opened by a brand new film about the Tuva region, based on the book “Terra Incognita Tuva”.
Current album “Live at Triskel” (Jaro Medien-Music&Word).
Bookings for the Netherlands (by Hilde)


Tue. Nov. 14 – NLD – Arnhem – Luxor Live
Wed. Nov. 15 – NLD – Eindhoven – Muziekgebouw Eindhoven
Thu. Nov. 16 – NLD – Den Haag – Amare: Nieuwe Kerk

Jan James (USA)

website, facebook, instagram, twitter, bandcamp
Jan is a blues-rock artist though and through, with a great stage performance.
Live she’s accompanied by a full band, or she’s performing as a power-trio, including her longtime partner Craig Calvert on guitar. Jan and Craig developed a musical chemistry that has evolved into a big sound and feel that is colored with blues, soul and the powerful dynamics of the best rock.
The current album “Justify” is a pure and commanding showcase of Jan’s talent from start to finish (Blue Palace Records-Bertus).
New album “Time Bomb” due June 16, 2023!
Bookings for Europe (by Hilde)


Wed. May 01 – EUR
Thu. May 02 – EUR
Fri. May 03 – EUR
Sat. May 04 – EUR
Sun. May 05 – EUR

Tue. May 07 – EUR
Wed. May 08 – EUR
Thu. May 09 – NOR – t.b.a. (t.b.c.)
Fri. May 10 – NOR – t.b.a. (t.b.c.)
Sat. May 11 – NOR – t.b.a. (t.b.c.)
Sun. May 12 – EUR

Tue. May 14 – EUR
Wed. May 15 – EUR
Thu. May 16 – EUR
Fri. May 17 – EUR
Sat. May 18 – EUR
Sun. May 19 – EUR
Mon. May 20 – EUR

Dub Pistols (GBR)

website, facebook, instagram, soundcloud, youtube
U.K.-based dub/triphop/ska party-band is in the last few years revered as one of the UK’s best live acts!
New album “Frontline” (9th studio album!) out now! (Sunday Best Records-PiaS).
Listen to the album on BandCamp, and here a review (‘an irresistible mix of musical genres strongly rooted in reggae’).
Bookings for the Netherlands (by Rob)


May – NLD

Hazmat Modine (USA)

website, facebook, youtube
The band distills American music into an essence from its myriad forms: Blues, Country, R & B, Rock-n-Roll, Jazz, Gospel, World Music – yet it adds to this mixture something raw and mysterious that feels at once familiar and new.
New album “Bonfire” out now! (Jaro Medien-Music&Words).
Bookings for the Netherlands (by Hilde)


Tue. May 28 – Sat. June 22 – NLD

Alex Henry Foster & The Long Shadows (CAN)

website, facebook, instagram, spotify, youtube
Alex Henry Foster is musician, producer and composer who advocates human rights. With his band The Long Shadows he creates an intense, raw post-rock experience on stage.
Before covid, they played in front of a packed house at the Montréal jazz festival.
New album “The Power of the Heart” (Sony)
Bookings for the Netherlands (by Hilde)


May / June / July – NLD

Jill Barber (CAN)

website, facebook, instagram, bandcamp
Songs of romance and nostalgia, embracing Stax rhythms and a Philly soul backbeat to go along with Jill’s warm sultry vocals.
After first listen, what sets Jill Barber apart is her distinctive voice. But it’s her ability to write an immediately memorable song that has made her one of Canada’s most recognizable artists. Jill Barber has become renowned for writing songs that evoke feelings of a bygone era.
New album “Homemaker” out now! (digital)
Bookings for all of Europe (by Hilde)


May / June / July – EUR

Crash Test Dummies (CAN)

website, facebook, instagram, twitter, youtube
In 2024 it is 30 years ago, that these Canadians published their album “God Shuffled His Feet”. It was their most successful album, 45 weeks in the Dutch top 100 album charts, and made it to no. 6! Their hit song “Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm” has been watched more than 11 million times, another memorable song of them is “Superman’s Song“.
Album: “God Shuffled His Feet” (BMG/Arista).
Bookings for the Netherlands (by Hilde)


June 08 – July 09 – NLD

I Muvrini (FRA)

website, facebook, twitter, Dutch website
Corsican singer-songwriters since 30 years, combination of traditional polyphony with pop.
The live shows of I Muvrini are known for the engagement of the group for tolerance among humans. The song texts also speak about a great respect for nature.
New album “Più Forti” out now!
Bookings for the Netherlands (by Hilde)


Thu. Feb. 20 – NLD – t.b.a. (venue show, t.b.c.)
Fri. Feb. 21 – NLD – t.b.a. (venue show, t.b.c.)
Sat. Feb. 22 – NLD – t.b.a. (venue show, t.b.c.)
Sun. Feb. 23 – NLD – t.b.a. (venue show, t.b.c.)