I Muvrini (FRA)

website, facebook, twitter, Dutch website
Corsican singer-songwriters since 30 years, combination of traditional polyphony with pop.
The live shows of I Muvrini are known for the engagement of the group for tolerance among humans. The song texts also speak about a great respect for nature.
New album “Portu in Core” out now!
Bookings for the Netherlands (by Hilde)

Portu in Core tour:
Tue. Mar. 17 – NLD – Tilburg – Theaters Tilburg

Sat. Mar. 28 – NLD – Heerlen – Parkstad Limburg Theater

Curse of Lono (GBR)

website, facebook, instagram, soundcloud, youtube
This international band makes a blend of deeply cinematic, harmony-laden Americana and driving, gothic alt-rock. Last year, this band convinced the Dutch audience at various support gigs for well known artists like Chuck Prophet. The reactions on the new album from July 2019 are amazing:
“If dangerous living bothers you, look away now – but for everyone else, Curse Of Lono are a new beacon of darkness.”(MOJO)
new album out now: “4am and Counting” (Submarine Cat Records-Bertis)
Bookings for the Netherlands (by Hilde)

Fri. Mar. 27 – NLD – Landgraaf – Oefenbunker

The Nomads (SWE)

website, facebook, instagram
The godfathers of the Swedish garage rock scene.
Current album ‘Solna’ received rave reviews (Universal for Scandinavia, Devils Jukebox for the rest of Europe); 2013 release: “Loaded Deluxe EP” on coloured vinyl with brand new tracks!
Bookings for all of Europe except SWE (by Rob)

Fri. Mar. 27 – NOR – Oslo – Rockefeller (special guest with The Dogs)

Hilde Spille (NLD)

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Since 2012 Hilde writes about mental challenges of artists and people working in the music business, under the name Compass for Creatives. She gives (guest) lectures, coaching and writes for the international trade press about this subject.

Thu. Apr. 09 – NOR – Oslo – Inferno Conference (lecture about mental health in the music business)

10cc (GBR)

website, facebook
Legendary band with ultra-high quality pop/rock songs that reached the charts many times.
Merely reading the titles should bring the song to your mind: Dreadlock Holiday, I’m Not In Love, The Wall Street Shuffle, The Things We Do For Love, Rubber Bullets, I’m Mandy Fly Me, etcetera.Check the recent documentary ‘I’m Not In Love – The Story of 10cc’ here.
Bookings for the Netherlands (by Rob)

2020 tour:
Thu. Apr. 09 – NLD – Zwolle – Theater de Spiegel
Fri. Apr. 10 – NLD – Den Haag – Zuiderstrandtheater (SOLD OUT)
Sat. Apr. 11 – NLD – Nijmegen – De Vereeniging
Sun. Apr. 12 – NLD – Groningen – De Oosterpoort

Tue. Apr. 14 – NLD – Amsterdam – Het Concertgebouw
Wed. Apr. 15 – NLD – Kerkrade – Parkstad Limburg Theaters

Fri. Apr. 17 – NLD – Hengelo (Ov.) – Schouwburg Hengelo
Sat. Apr. 18 – NLD – Eindhoven – Muziekgebouw Eindhoven (LAST TICKETS)
Sun. Apr. 19 – NLD – Vlissingen – CineCityXL

Jeb Loy Nichols (USA/FRA)

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From the Ozark hills to the big cities worldwide, and finally to the hills of Wales. Former member of the band ‘The Fellow Travellers’ Jeb Loy Nichols has found his home to produce the feel and sound he prefers: the meeting place of folk, soul and country. Not without a bit darkish edge. Smokey retro soul, with Jamaican influences (reggae, dub, dancehall).
Brand-new album: ‘June is Short, July is Long’ (Compass Records – Bertus)
Bookings for the Netherlands (by Rob)

Thu. Apr. 30 – NLD

A Band Called E (USA)

website, facebook, instagram, twitter, bandcamp, label
E (also known as A Band Called E) from Boston (MA) is Jason Sidney Sanford (Neptune), Thalia Zedek (Come, Uzi, Live Skull) and Gavin McCarthy (Karate).
E makes angular, energized, and idiosyncratic rock music. These accomplished and inventive musicians could not be more different in the way they express themselves but their ego-less dedication to ensemble playing and writing shapes E’s distinct sound.
Negative Work, their second album, is the product of three individuals whose dedication to the collaborative process may very well be the source of compelling tension underlying their songs.
A third album has been announced that will be out by the time they will be touring Europe in 2020.
Current album “Negative Work” (Thrill Jockey – Konkurrent)
Bookings for the Netherlands (by Rob)

Fri. May 22 – NLD

Wed. June 10 – NLD

Minimal Compact (ISR)

website, facebook, spotify
Formed in Amsterdam in 1980, Minimal Compact were part of the original post-punk explosion – and remain one of its most distinctive voices. The band developed a unique mix of propulsive rhythms, spacious bass lines, rich keyboard textures, mesmeric guitar lines, and vocal melodies with a Middle-Eastern inflection. They sounded like nothing that had gone before.
Well-known releases include the album ‘Deadly Weapons’ (with club-hit ‘Next One Is Real’) and ‘Raging Souls’.
Minimal Compact have now reconvened, together with producer and long-time collaborator Colin Newman (of post-punk legends Wire), who will also perform with the band live in May 2020, to record part of their material in the best possible way, with a brand-new song as a bonus.
New album “Creation is Perfect” out now! (MC-Konkurrent).
Booking for the Netherlands (by Rob)

Sat. May 23 – NLD

Mon. May 25 – NLD

Crash Test Dummies (CAN)

website, facebook, instagram, twitter, youtube
25 years ago, these Canadians published their album “God Shuffled His Feet”. It was their most successful album, with 45 weeks in the Dutch top 100 album charts, and made it to no. 6! Their hit song “Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm” has been watched more than 11 million times, another memorable song of them is “Superman’s Song“.
In June they will come with the original line-up to the Netherlands to play the whole album “God Shuffled His Feet” plus al hits.
“Good Shuffled His Feet” (BMG/Arista)
Bookings in the Netherlands (by Hilde)

“God Shuffled His Feet 25th Anniversary Tour”
Fri. May 29 – NLD – Hengel (Ov.) – Metropool

Sun. June 07 – NLD – Breda – Mezz

Sat. Jun. 13 – NLD – Utrecht – TivoliVredenburg (Cloud 9)
Sun. Jun. 14 – NLD – Roermond – ECI Culturfabriek

Wed. Jun. 17 – NLD – Groningen – Oosterpoort
Thu. Jun. 18 – NLD – Alkmaar – Victorie

Sass Jordan (CAN)

website, facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube
Canada’s ‘Queen of Rock’, known from her hits: “Make You A Believer”, “High Road Easy”, “So Hard”, and many more.
Her upcoming album “Rebel Moon Blues” is a blues album. Sass Jordan has always been a blues singer, it just took her 40 years to realize it. The album contains seven remarkable cover songs and one original.
New album “Rebel Moon Blues” due Friday March 13, 2020! (Stony Plain Records)
Bookings for all of Europe (by Hilde)

Sun. May 31 – NLD – Raalte – Ribs & Blues Festival (afternoon)
Mon. June 01 – NLD – Arnhem – Luxor Live *

Wed. June 03 – NLD – Hoorn – Manifesto *
Thu. June 04 – NLD – Breda – Mezz *
Fri. June 05 – NLD – Amstelveen – P60 *
Sat. June 06 – NLD – Drachten – Iduna *

*: support: Chris Caddell

Live Skull (USA)

facebook, wiki
Formed in 1982, the quintessential New York noise band Live Skull are back this year with a brand-new album ‘Saturday Night Massacre’, out now. Together with other New York bands Sonic Youth and Swans, Live Skull defined the term “noise rock”.
In his much-quoted review for The New York Times, Robert Palmer declared, “With each new record, New York’s Live Skull delivers a more concentrated brand of emotional intensity, a more ferociously disciplined sonic assault”.
Often brutal and yet strangely seductive, full of hooks and emotional intensity, and with a drone-dance-quality that reminds us of the early Velvet Underground.
After a gap of 30 years, Live Skull are back!
New album ‘Saturday Night Massacre’ out now (Bronson Recordings – import).
Bookings for Europe (by Rob)

Wed. June 03 – EUR
Thu. June 04 – EUR
Fri. June 05 – EUR
Sat. June 06 – EUR
Sun. June 07 – EUR
Mon. June 08 – EUR
Tue. June 09 – EUR
Wed. June 10 – ITA – Marina di Ravenna – Beaches Brew Festival
Thu. June 11 – EUR
Fri. June 12 – EUR
Sat. June 13 – EUR
Sun. June 14 – BEL – Brussel/Bruxelles – Magasin 4

Philip Glass Ensemble (USA)

website, facebook, instagram, twitter, wiki
By special arrangement with Philip Glass and Dunvagen Music Publishers, Inc.
The Philip Glass Ensemble (PGE) comprises the principal performers of the music of Philip Glass.
In 1968, Glass founded the PGE in New York City as a laboratory for his music.
Its purpose was to develop a performance practice to meet the unprecedented technical and artistic demands of his compositions.
During the 2020–21 season, the PGE will focus on re-launching Music in Eight Parts in concert, alongside other selections of Philip Glass his Early Works. However, the choice of material is not limited to the focus on Music in Eight Parts.
Starting 2020, Philip Glass will usually not perform with the Philip Glass Ensemble.
He fully and officially endorses the PGE in the future: “the PGE represents the most authentic performance practice of my music in our time. I am looking forward to championing them as they carry it forward and bring its unique repertoire to new generations” – Philip Glass.
Bookings for the Netherlands (by Rob)

Fri. June 05 – NLD

24-7 Spyz (USA)

wiki, facebook, bandcamp
The Heavy Metal Soul pioneers from the South Bronx are about to rock the world again in 2019 after the release of their seventh studio-album “The Soundtrack To The Innermost Galaxy”. Their energetic shows have always rocked the crowds, while at the same time the band does not shun experiment and cross-over.
New album “The Soundtrack To The Innermost Galaxy” out now! (The Gumbo Recording Company-Cargo).
Bookings for all of Europe (by Rob)

Wed. June 17 – possible start of tour period

Wed. July 01 – EUR
Thu. July 02 – EUR
Fri. July 03 – NLD – t.b.a. (t.b.c.) (tentative club show)
Sat. July 04 – NLD – t.b.a. (t.b.c.) (tentative festival show)
Sun. July 05 – EUR

Sun. July 26 – possible end of tour period

Hazmat Modine (USA)

website, facebook, youtube
The band distills American music into an essence from its myriad forms: Blues, Country, R & B, Rock-n-Roll, Jazz, Gospel, World Music – yet it adds to this mixture something raw and mysterious that feels at once familiar and new.
Current album “Box of Breath” (Jaro Medien-Music&Words)
Available for festivals all summer through.
Bookings for the Netherlands (by Hilde)

Wed. Jul. 01 – NLD
Thu. Jul. 02 – NLD
Fri. Jul. 03 – NLD
Sat. Jul. 04 – NLD – t.b.a. (confirmed festival show)
Sun. Jul. 05 – NLD

Delinquent Habits (USA)

website, facebook, instagram, soundcloud, twitter
Latin hiphop with distinct mariachi elements.
Hits include “Tres Delinquentes”, “Return of the Tres” and “Here Come the Horns”.
Delinquent Habits are ready to burn your barn down too, after playing Zwarte Cross Festival last summer!
Current album ‘It Could Be Round Two’.
Bookings for the Netherlands (by Rob)

Wed. Aug. 12 – NLD
Thu. Aug. 13 – NLD
Fri. Aug. 14 – NLD – t.b.a. (t.b.c.) (tentative festival show)
Sat. Aug. 15 – NLD
Sun. Aug. 16 – NLD

Gore Gore Girls (USA)

website, facebook, instagram, twitter
Garage rock girls from Detroit are back together, ‘mix Stooges spit with Supremes soul’.
Current album “Get The Gore” (Bloodshot Records-Bertus), new album expected in 2020!
Bookings for all of Europe (by Hilde)

September / December / January – EUR

Eljuri (USA)

website, facebook, instagram, soundcloud, youtube
Cecilia Vilar Eljuri is a multi-award winning artist, born in Ecuador and based in New York. She is one of the top Latina guitar players of the world, an even better guitar player than Carlos Santana, Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton or Jimi Hendrix, according to some! She usually performs her engaged, activist songs of rock, pop, latin and reggae as a power trio.
“Her songs marked by fusions of pop and rock with Caribbean rhythms and emphasize the use of her guitar, which has been described as reminescent of a young Santana.” (Alborde)
“With her exuberant stage presence, Eljuri delivers songs with memorable hooks that immediately engage the listener.” (El Nuevo Herald)
“Cecila Villar Eljuri is a triple treat: She’s an accomplished songwriter, a great vocalist and one hell of a guitar player.” (NPR Music, Alt-Latino).
New album “Resiste” (Manovill Records-Xango) out now!
Booking for the Netherlands (by Hilde)

Fri. Oct. 02 – NLD
Sat. Oct. 03 – NLD
Sun. Oct. 04 – NLD
Mon. Oct. 05 – NLD
Tue. Oct. 06 – NLD
Wed. Oct. 07 – NLD
Thu. Oct. 08 – NLD
Fri. Oct. 09 – NLD
Sat. Oct. 10 – NLD
Sun. Oct. 11 – NLD

Huun Huur Tu (RUS)

website, facebook, soundcloud, twitter, youtube, wiki
Tuvan throat singers, the music is based on native Tuvan folk traditions in instruments and singing, though in recent years western instruments like guitar and electronics are added.
New album “Children of the Otter” out now! (Jaro Medien-Music&Word).
Bookings for the Netherlands (by Hilde)

Sun. Oct. 18 – NLD – t.b.a. (confirmed theater show)

Tue. Oct. 20 – NLD – t.b.a. (confirmed theater show)
Wed. Oct. 21 – NLD – t.b.a. (confirmed theater show)

Pussy Riot: Riot Days (RUS)

website, facebook, trailer, youtube1, youtube2
Protest art collective based in Moscow formed in 2011 with approx. 11 women participating.They staged unauthorised provocative guerrilla punk rock performances in unusual public places, which brought 3 of them to prison camps. Maria Alyokhina was one of them. She wrote a book about it, “Riot Days”. The book is the basis for this multi-media performance. Read also the great interview in The Music.
New book “Riot Days” (Bertelsmann Pinguin).
Bookings for the Netherlands (by Hilde)

Thu. Oct. 29 – NLD – Amsterdam – Q-Factory

24-7 Spyz (USA)

wiki, facebook, bandcamp
The Heavy Metal Soul pioneers from the South Bronx are about to rock the world again in 2019 after the release of their seventh studio-album “The Soundtrack To The Innermost Galaxy”. Their energetic shows have always rocked the crowds, while at the same time the band does not shun experiment and cross-over.
New album “The Soundtrack To The Innermost Galaxy” out now! (The Gumbo Recording Company-Cargo).
Bookings for all of Europe (by Rob)

Wed. Nov. 11 – possible start of tour period

Wed. Nov. 18 – EUR
Thu. Nov. 19 – DEU – t.b.a. (confirmed club show)
Fri. Nov. 20 – DEU – t.b.a. (confirmed club show)
Sat. Nov. 21 – EUR
Sun. Nov. 22 – DEU – t.b.a. (confirmed club show)
Mon. Nov. 23 – EUR
Tue. Nov. 24 – DEU – t.b.a. (confirmed club show)
Wed. Nov. 25 – EUR
Thu. Nov. 26 – DEU – t.b.a. (confirmed club show)
Fri. Nov. 27 – AUT
Sat. Nov. 28 – AUT
Sun. Nov. 29 – AUT

Sun. Dec. 13 – possible end of tour period

The Bulgarian Voices Angelité (BGR)

website, facebook
The sensational success of this choir started in 1987 under the name “Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares”. The choir had to the name and has released more than 13 albums. After more than 15 years of absence they are back!
New album “Heritage” out now! (Jaro Medien – Music&Words).
Bookings for the Netherlands (by Hilde)

Sat. Jan. 30 – NLD – t.b.c. (int.)