Conincx Pop Festival (NLD)

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This year we celebrate the 37th edition of Conincx Pop, a free boutique festival at the meadows adjacent to the river Maas (Meuse).
The quality of the bands has always been the major criterion when selecting bands. Last year we realized that for years already we had more women on stage than most festivals. We now challenged ourselves to see if it is possible to book great bands, all with at least one woman on stage. And we succeeded!
Exclusive bookings for the festival (by Paperclip Agency)

Sat. July 06 – NLD – Elsloo (Lb.) – Conincx Pop Festival

Kras (NLD)
Blackbird (NLD)
Wucan (DEU)
Make-Overs (ZAF)
Dulfer Plays Blues (NLD)
Le Butcherettes (MEX)
Curse of Lono (GBR)
Future Dub Orchestra (GBR)