Live Skull (USA)

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Formed in 1982, the quintessential New York noise band Live Skull are back this year with a brand-new album ‘Saturday Night Massacre’, out in October. Together with other New York bands Sonic Youth and Swans, Live Skull defined the term “noise rock”.
In his much-quoted review for The New York Times, Robert Palmer declared, “With each new record, New York’s Live Skull delivers a more concentrated brand of emotional intensity, a more ferociously disciplined sonic assault”.
Often brutal and yet strangely seductive, full of hooks and emotional intensity, and with a drone-dance-quality that reminds us of the early Velvet Underground.
After a gap of 30 years, Live Skull are back! The band’s current core consists of Mark C., Rich Hutchins, and Kent Heine.
New album ‘Saturday Night Massacre’ out this autumn (Bronson Recordings – import)
Bookings for Europe (by Rob)

Thu. Nov. 14 – EUR
Fri. Nov. 15 – EUR
Sat. Nov. 16 – EUR
Sun. Nov. 17 – NLD – Groningen – Vera (with Joh Spencer & the HITmakers)
Mon. Nov. 18 – NLD – Rotterdam – Rotown (with Jon Spencer & the HITmakers)
Tue. Nov. 19 – EUR
Wed. Nov. 20 – EUR
Thu. Nov. 21 – ITA – Ravenna – Transmissions Festival
Fri. Nov. 22 – ITA – Ravenna – Transmissions Festival
Sat. Nov. 23 – EUR
Sun. Nov. 24 – EUR
Mon. Nov. 25 – EUR
Tue. Nov. 26 – DEU – Berlin – Urban Spree (with White Hills and Martin Bisi)
Wed. Nov. 27 – EUR
Thu. Nov. 28 – EUR