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5 Empowerment Tools For Musicians –
Online workshop to learn in 12 weeks how to move to an upward spiral towards success

You are a talented musician, singer or songwriter. Still, often you get insecure when others don’t acknowledge your talent. Sometimes you even think about quitting music all together, even if you can’t imagine a life without it.

Here are 4 reasons why empowerment is so important to musicians:

1. Stay motivated even after demotivating comments
Using your musical talents brings you lots of fun, as long as everything is going according to plan. You enjoy becoming better and better on your instrument, others enjoy it more and more to listen to you. Until there is a party-pooper who tells you that there’s no money in music, that others have much more talent than you have, that they deserve success much more than you do.
You need power to realize in situations like this, that it’s not others you have to compare yourself with, it’s yourself and only yourself.

2. Dare to broaden your horizon
If you want to develop your musical talent, you can’t rely on playing the same notes in the same way over and over again. You have to broaden your horizon. You can broaden your horizon by listening to music from other genres.
It takes power to develop your own style and to be able to adapt some lines of that ‘other’ music into it. That’s when you are really creative.

3. Know your abilities to get more out of it
Don’t forget that it has to be fun to make music. If you don’t enjoy playing, the audience will notice and you will lose them. The best way to keep the fun in making music, is using your abilities to the best you can.
Focus on what you can instead of what you can’t. In order to do so, you have to discover your abilities as much as possible.

4. Prevent to get screwed over by the music business
Many musicians feel screwed over by the music business. The publicity around the no-show insurance policy of a promoter of Sinead O’Connor mid August is a good example.
Empowerment helps you to dare to question what your business team is suggesting to you, until you understand it as well. That prevents getting screwed over.
Empowerment also helps to discover in an early stage when people try to screw you, and to deal with it.

“Success is achieved by developing your strengths, not by eliminating your weaknesses.” (Marilyn vos Savant)

This workshop will help you to discover your strengths and find a way to use them in order to grow your career as a musician.  You will be introduced to 5 empowerment tools and told how to connect them to multiply the effect. It helps you to create the life you want, a life full of music and a life where you are appreciated for your creative talents.

After only 6 weeks:

– you will have the right network to support your musical career
– you will know your purpose, the flame that keeps you going on as musician
– you will resonate with energy and have found your own rhythm
– you will go for it and make things happen
– you will enjoy what you are doing with a positive mindset
– you will know how to enter the upward spiral, using the 5 empowerment tools.Sky Hunter

Here a reaction from Sky Hunter (see picture) from England:
This workshop engages the “higher” forms of business. It’s more a personal development rather than a “how to” workshop yet it connects directly to business. Would I recommend it? Definitely!

Please contact me for any questions.

The workshop is online, the communication is by email. You can participate from wherever you have internet access.
Every week we will meet online and chat via email, between 13:00 and 18:00 (Berlin/Amsterdam time). You will receive hands-on information, for example on how to design your network or how to adapt a positive mindset, followed by an assignment where you can work with the received information. The assignment will cost approximately 1 hour per week.
Weekly we will evaluate the previous assignment and address other current issues.
On top of it, every week you will receive a post or statement for inspiration.

The costs:
€ 960 (+ 21% Dutch VAT, if applicable)
This is only € 80 + VAT per week!
If you have a European VAT number, please contact me.

Extra Bonus:
You will receive the guide “6 Stages of fame” for free. Every one of the 6 stages of fame has its own advantages and challenges. The guide will accompany you through your life as a musician and help you to avoid some less obvious pitfalls down the road.

Mick Strandvik from Sweden:
“I really enjoyed this coaching and it got me inspired and focused. As I said in a mail, it felt to me like you pretty quickly grasped the core of my strengths and weaknesses and thereby could ask all the right questions. I will carry it with me in my continuous striving. You have great experience of musicians and their difficulties creatively and otherwise. And I immediately felt like you spoke the same language as me, so to speak.”

2015-09-hillde-by-maerten-prins-5-smallI’m Hilde Spille and I work at Paperclip Agency since 1995. As senior agent, I’m booking Dutch and European tours for bands from all over the world. Names on my roster include(d) Sass Jordan, Jill Barber, John Watts, Balkan Beat Box, I Muvrini.
In the last couple of years I’ve become an international expert in the empowerment of musicians. In November 2015, IQ Magazine (of ILMC) featured an article of me about how empowerment can help musicians who feel screwed by the music business. Dutch VVAO magazine published my article in December 2015, about how empowerment can help musicians to be flexible.
In my unique approach of mental coaching for musicians, I combine results of positive psychology with my rich experience in the live music business. This blog has more than 150 articles and more than 70K hits per month. I also give guest lectures to students of music management.

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“People, I think, mix up popularity with success. To be successful you have to be a good musician. To be popular you just have to be fashionable.” (Ritchie Blackmore, Deep Purple)