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updated February 15, 2018
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10cc (GBR)
website, myspace
Legendary band with ultra-high quality pop/rock songs that reached the charts many times.
Merely reading the titles should bring the songs to your mind: Dreadlock Holiday, I’m Not In Love, The Wall Street Shuffle, The Things We Do For Love, Rubber Bullets, I’m Mandy Fly Me, etcetera.
Check the recent documentary ‘I’m Not In Love – The Story of 10cc’ here.
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10cc’s Graham Gouldman & Heart Full of Songs (GBR)
website, facebook, wiki
10cc co-founder and current band-leader Graham Gouldman, together with two current 10cc members, presents the songs that he wrote or co-wrote during his long career as a songwriter. The shows are intimate and semi-acoustic, with lots of stories about the songs and about Graham’s career. Not only 10cc-songs are presented, but also songs such as “For Your Love” (The Yardbirds), “Bus Stop” (The Hollies), and “No Milk Today” (Herman’s Hermits) that are Gouldman compositions.
Graham Gouldman’s current studio-album is called “Love and Work” (Rosala Records/Wienerworld – import).
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24-7 Spyz (USA)
wiki, facebook, bandcamp
The Heavy Metal Soul pioneers from the South Bronx are about to rock the world again in 2018 with the release of their seventh studio-album “The Soundtrack To The Innermost Galaxy”. Their energetic shows have always rocked the crowds, while at the same time the band does not shun experiment and cross-over.
New album “The Soundtrack To The Innermost Galaxy” due later this year! (The Gumbo Recording Company-import).
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The Adolescents (USA)
facebook, myspace
one of the founding fathers of the Californian punk scene
new album (2016) “Manifest Density” (Concrete Jungle-Sonic Rendezvous)
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Afrika Bambaataa (USA)
zulunation, wikipedia
Afrika Bambaataa is one of the three originators of break-beat deejaying, and is known as the “Grandfather” and “Godfather” and The Amen Ra of Universal Hip Hop Culture as well as The Father of The Electro Funk Sound.
(Tommy Boy Records).
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And the Golden Choir (DEU)
website, facebook
Multi-instrumentalist and producer Tobias Siebert makes melancholic compositions with the bittersweet voice and an analogue approach. The former solo project is now available as full band too!
New album “Breaking With Habits” out now! (Caroline-Universal).
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Antilopen Gang (DEU)
website, facebook, youtube, soundcloud
Antilopen Gang produce original hip hop, with lots of energy and fun, with real instruments, with humor, with love, but also with a strong stance against the extremist middle class and right-wingers, against homophobia, and against self-complacency.
Their brand-new album ‘Anarchie und Alltag’ entered the official German album-charts on no. 1 immediately upon release!
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Aucan (ITA)
website, facebook, soundcloud, myspace
live rock and with an innovative electronic production sound, ranging from modern dubstep and jarring broken riffs to desolate ambient landscapes; intense melodies are combined with dark, psychedelic harmonies and rap-influenced styles
new album “Stelle Fisse” (Kowloon Records-De Konkurrent)
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Jill Barber live 2Jill Barber (CAN)
website, facebook
Songs of romance and nostalgia, embracing Stax rhythms and a Philly soul backbeat to go along with Jill’s warm sultry vocals.
Jill recorded her new album together with her brother Matthew, with 5 new songs and 6 covers, all about loyalty, memories and, or course, family.
Current album “The Family Album” in duet with her brother Matthew Barber (Outside Music-Bertus), new album due June 2018!
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big-promo-4-smallBlind Idiot God (USA)
website, facebook
Instrumental mix of noise, dub, post-hardcore and heavy metal.
New album “Before Ever After” (Indivisible Music).
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Brian Borcherdt (CAN)
website, facebook, myspace
sad, victorious, melancholic, triumphant, passionate, alive, an orgasm of rock
Holy Fuck’s Brian Borcherdt with his original singer-songwriter/alternative rock material
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Goran Bregović (SRB)
website, facebook, wiki, youtube
Extending Balkan musical inspirations to innovative extremes, draw upon European classicism and Balkan rhythms.
Goran is available with his “Wedding & Funeral Orchestra“, with is former band “Bijelo Dugme” and with a very special project “3 Letters from Sarajevo“, honoring all 3 major religions of Sarajevo, with symphonic orchestra.
Current album “Champagne for Gypsies” (Mercury).
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buzzcocks-hanging-2016-01-22Buzzcocks (GBR)
website, facebook, myspace
Purveyors of ultimate pop-punk since 1976.
Current studio album “The Way” (1-2-3-4-GO! Records-Bertus).
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The Cliks - Lucas Silveria 2011.01.11The Cliks (CAN)
website, facebook, myspace
rock with primal, stylish ferocity reminiscent of the early Pretenders” (Boston Globe)
current album: “Black Tie Elevator”
also available:
Lucas Silveira solo
current album: “Mockingbird”
both: special act for all LGBT-events like Pride Parades
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Channel 3 (CH3) (USA)
website, facebook
Formed in 1980 near Los Angeles. The band’s original punk rock sound has been recaptured for their brand new album “Put ‘Em Up”. Check the title track here. Other videos include ‘All the Night‘ and ‘The God That You Deserve‘. (Wanda Records/TKO Records)
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Chloe Charles (CAN)
website, facebook,
With her two previous albums Chloe Charles is known for her passionate and characteristic lush vocals, loved by the jazz audience.
With an insatiable need for challenge and novelty, Chloe’s new album is inspired by electronic soundscapes and hip hop rhythms while her telltale soaring vocals – richer, darker, wilder – steer the show and her poetic lyrics entice us to question our learned behaviors. Listen to the new single “Head High“.
New album due May (Kowloon Records-V2).
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De Brassers dark photo Sep 2005de brassers (BEL)
facebook, myspace
Flemish new wave pioneers still kick ass with music that grabs you by the throat.
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Yael Deckelbaum (CAN/ISR)
website, facebook, youtube
Canadian-Israeli singer-songwriter and activist. She has written and composed the song “Prayer of The Mothers”, that turned into the anthem of the march of hope. The “March of Hope” project was started in October 2016 by Jewish and Arab women, resulting in a march of thousands of women from the north of Israel to Jerusalem in a call for peace.
Current album: Enosh (Hatav Hashmini-import)
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Delinquent Habits (USA)
website, myspace
Latin hiphop with distinct mariachi elements.
Hits include “Tres Delinquentes”, “Return of the Tres” and “Here Come the Horns”.
Brand-new album ‘It Could Be Round Two’ out now.
Dutch club tour in April did very well, as did the Amsterdam show early October.
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Dub Pistols (GBR)
website, facebook, youtube, myspace
‘A perfect mix of dub, big beat and triphop’.
The last few years revered as one of the UK’s best live acts!
New album “Crazy Diamonds” has just been released! (Sunday Best Records-PiaS).The two singles/videos from the album: “Crazy Diamonds” and “Baby I Love You
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Fefa2012_3b_360dpi_(Julia Hoppen)Fehlfarben (DEU)
website, myspace
kings of the ‘Neue Deutsche Welle’ from the 80’s, still to the point
brandnew album “Über… Menschen” (Tapete Records-Sonic Rendezvous)
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GGG hr credit Rich SiegleGore Gore Girls (USA)
website, facebook
Garage rock girls from Detroit are back together, ‘mix Stooges spit with Supremes soul’.
Current album “Get The Gore”, new album expected in August 2018! (Bloodshot Records-Bertus).

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Heavy Trash photoHeavy Trash (USA)
website, myspace
Jon Spencer + Matt Verta-Ray and band do to rockabilly what the Blues Explosion does to the blues.
Current albums “Midnight Soul Serenade” (Crunchy Frog-Sonic Rendezvous) + “Noir!” (Bronze Rat-Munich/V2).
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jimi_tenor_and_kabu_kabu3_dlJimi Tenor & Kabu Kabu (FIN)
website, facebook, myspace
Afro-jazz, combining Tenor’s smoking neo-bebop with Kabu Kabu’s African rhythms.
Current album “Saxentric” (Herakles Records-Word and Sound).
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Sass Jordan (CAN)
website, facebook, twitter, instagram
Canada’s ‘Queen of Rock’, known from her hits: “Make You A Believer”, “High Road Easy”, “So Hard”, and many more.
New album “Racine Revisited”, a remake of her hitalbum “Racine”, out now! (Linus Entertainment-Bertus).
New album due 2018!
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Gods and Monsters - ShiversGary Lucas & Gods and Monsters (USA)
website, myspace
Gary Lucas was guitarist for Captain Beefheart (r.i.p.) before (and after) he started his own career.  With Gods and Monsters, Gary Lucas is accompanied by Billy Ficca (drums; Television) and Ernie Brooks (bass and vocals; Modern Lovers).
current album “The Ordeal of Civility”
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Elliott Murphy - hat - 2015.04.19Elliott Murphy (USA/FRA)
website, myspace
Singer-songwriter, on his most recent studio album Elliott Murphy goes back to the style of his classic 70’s albums, that often brought him comparisons to Bob Dylan.
New album “Aquashow Deconstructed”
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Musée Mécanique fc landscape photo with keys - vs. 1 - small - 2015.01Musée Mécanique (USA)
website, facebook, youtube, soundcloud, wiki
being compared to Neutral Milk Hotel and Beirut, the band’s truly beautiful and superb music is described as “a layered, delicate take on folk, meticulously arranged with an ear for atmosphere and texture, with surprises unfolding every moment”and a “subtle, elegant, yet fully modern folk-pop”
current album ‘From Shores of Sleep’ (Glitterhouse – V2/Munich)
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Os Mutantes (BRA)
wiki, facebook
Os Mutantes, who did very well at last year’s Le Guess Who? Festival in Utrecht, The Netherlands, are an influential Brazilian psychedelic rock band, linked with the Tropicália movement of the late 1960s.
Their well-known fans include(d) Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain and Talking Heads’ David Byrne, who released Os Mutantes albums on his Luaka Bop record label.
The band’s current record label is Krian Music Group (USA) who also released Blaudzun.
Current album ‘Fool Metal Jack’ (Krian Music (USA)).
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I Muvrini (FRA)
website, Dutch website, fansite
Corsican singer-songwriters since 30 years, combination of traditional polyphony with pop.
New album “Luminelli” out now!
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The New Mendicants - Joe Pernice and Norman Blake - photo by L. SteinThe New Mendicants (CAN)
Joe Pernice (Pernice Brothers) + Norman Blake (Teenage Fanclub), both based in Toronto these days, treat us to some truly wonderful music live, and on a new 6-track-EP
debut album “Into the Lime” (One Little Indian Records)
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The Nomads (SWE)
website, facebook, myspace
The godfathers of the Swedish garage rock scene.
Current album ‘Solna’ received rave reviews (Universal for Scandinavia, Devils Jukebox for the rest of Europe); 2013 release: “Loaded Deluxe EP” on coloured vinyl with brand new tracks!
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Pretty & Nice four - dance - lo-resPretty & Nice (USA)
website, facebook
“songs are born on sunny porches, zapped with electricity, arranged around dancing morpho-rhythms, and slingshot skyward” (
current album “Golden Rules for Golden People” (Rory Records/Equal Vision-Konkurrent)
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Ruts D.C. (GBR)
website, facebook
Ruts D.C. are a punk-rock band with clear reggae-influences. The band recently played various shows all over Europe including the UK and Amsterdam editions of Rebellion Festival as well as the touring French Télérama Festival.
New studio album “Music Must Destroy” (Westworld Recordings)
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Andrea Schroeder by Dixie Schmiedle 2Andrea Schroeder (DEU)
website, facebook
Schroeder effortlessly combines U.S. folk, gothic country and desert rock of the American Southwest with somber chanson-esque ballads
current album “Void” (2016) (Glitterhouse-Munich/V2)
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Sean_Riley & the Slowriders 2011.10.03Sean Riley & the Slowriders (PRT)
facebook, myspace
rock, pop, folk, country, americana
played Eurosonic 2011 and were one of the few new bands recorded there by German TV “Rockpalast” for their special “25 years Eurosonic
current (4rth) album “Sean Riley & the Slowriders” (2016) (Rastilho Records/Sony Music)
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Skip with guitarSkip ‘Little Axe’ McDonald (USA/GBR)
website, facebook, myspace
blues, with a touch of ambient and dub
current studio album “London Blues” (2017) (Echo Beach Records)
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sbb donostia zw 2Speedball Baby (USA)
label, myspace
blues and r’n’r, subtle yet rough, a unique mesmerizing blend
(In The Red)
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Mark StewartMark Stewart (GBR)
in cooperation with Future Noise Music
website, facebook, myspace
political industrial noise-dub with a massive influence on the Bristol music scene
documentary-dvd “ON/OFF: Mark Stewart – from the Pop Group to the Maffia” (Crippled Dick Hot Wax/SPV-Konkurrent)
current albums “The Politics of Envy” (Future Noise Music) + remix-album “The Exorcism of Envy”
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sultans-of-string-duo-uitsnedeSultans of String (CAN)
website, facebook
The Canadian world-jazz band Sultans of String got nominated for the JUNO awards in 2015. The folk-fusion duo collaborates on their new album with sitar legend Anwar Khurshid.
“This album embraces immigration and all the opportunities it brings.” (Songlines)
Current album “Sultans of String” (Proper-Bertus).
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Tackhead older group photo b-wTackhead (USA/GBR)
website, myspace
Keith LeBlanc, Bernard Fowler, Skip McDonald, Adrian Sherwood and Doug Wimbish combine industrial sounds, dub techniques and hiphop into a unique sound.
current album “For the Love of Money” (Echo Beach Records)
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Television - quartetTelevision (USA)
facebook, fansite, wiki
Formed in 1973, originally with Richard Hell, Television laid the foundation for New York’s New Wave.
The band (Tom Verlaine, Billy Ficca, Fred Smith, Jimmy Rip) plays songs from all three albums.
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Ultimate Power DuoUltimate Power Duo (CAN)
website, myspace
True-punk-rock trio, ‘masters and purveyors of demolition rock’; where The Ramones, The Pixies and The Fall meet.
Current album “Space Joe: Ad Astra to the Stars” (with full comic book)
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Konstantin Wecker (DEU)
website, facebook, youtube
Konstantin Wecker is a famous singer-songwriter from Germany with 50 years of live-experience.
His music is both intense and intimate, leaning on the ‘Liedermacher’ culture as well as the blues.
Wecker is not only singer-songwriter but also actor, composer, and author. He is a political activist too, promoting a non-violent society without authority.
The line-up for his live-shows varies from a duo-setting to a full band setting, sometimes with orchestra.
He has released some 40 albums with his music, and has published several books. He has received numerous awards for his music and for his social and political involvement.
New album: “Poesie und Widerstand” (poetry and resistance) (Sturm und Klang – import).
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Wucan (DEU)
website, facebook
Kraut-fueled heavy flute rock.
New album “Reap The Storm” out now! (Made In Germany Music – Suburban)
They played a great show at EuroSonic Festival in Groningen in 2017!
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Zoobombs - laughZoobombs (NIP)
website, wiki, facebook
Psych-funk-donuts-rock punkfloyd music.
Constant factor since ’94 is Don Matsuo, ‘a Japanese hiphop Lou Reed, an eclectic musician, mixing all kinds of genres, like hip-hop and rock and new wave, into a vibrant, original cocktail of energetic noise’ (Frontaal Naakt).
Current album “Icecream & Dirt”.
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