updated July 20, 2017

Sass Jordan‘s breakout masterpiece, “Racine”, released in 1992, is being re-imagined and released as “Racine Revisited” on September 15 via Linus Entertainment.
“Re-recording such a landmark album was not a venture that we took lightly”, Sass Jordan explains. “Instead of doing the obvious, and updating the vibe, and making it all shiny, sparkly, hissy and huge – why don’t we recreate the record as if we were IN the ’70s, and try to make it sound like it would have, if it had been recorded during that seminal decade.”
What you hear in “Racine Revisited” is what happened – no click tracks and no auto-tune. This record was made with great care and precision, to be played LOUD and PROUD. See below for European tour dates in September.

German hip hop rap Deutschtrap sensation Antilopen Gang (their 2017 album went straight to no. 1 in the German charts) will play their first regular show in The Netherlands, after playing EuroSonic Festival in Groningen early last year, at the legendary Vera venue.
Antilopen Gang will play in The Netherlands on Aug. 24 at the Cultura Nova Festival in Heerlen. Venue will be Nieuwe Nor, and tickets are expected to sell fast.

On July 28, Cherry Red Records will release The Fall‘s 32nd studio album “New Facts Emerge“. The Fall has produced a frequent stream of excellent studio albums over the last few years so expectations for the new one are high again. There will be a limited edition 2 x 10″ vinyl LP version.