updated December 13, 2018

With great sadness we learned about the death of Pete Shelley from Buzzcocks. We were so lucky to have been able to work for the band in The Netherlands in 2000 and since 2008.
Pete Shelley will always be remembered as a truly original writer of to-the-point punk-pop songs, as well as a gentle and warm human being.
The Buzzcocks show in the Luxor Live venue in Arnhem, The Netherlands on December 14 has been transformed into a Pete Shelley and Buzzcocks tribute and commemoration night, with bands and DJ’s, entitled “Forever Fallen In Love”. Entrance free.

10cc’s Graham Gouldman will come to The Netherlands early February, together with two other singers/guitar players and a caj√≥n player, for seven intimate acoustic shows across the country, presenting the songs and hits he wrote since the ’60s until now. Check the special that Dutch TV show Top 2000 a gogo screened last year here.
For the list of shows, see below.

Sass Jordan is working on her new album “Big Noise”. Just some days ago, she started a campaign on Pledge Music where fans can already pre-order the album and buy a lot of great gadgets. Sass Jordan will come to Europe again in May, see below for the list of shows.