updated January 18, 2021

We wish you a Happy New Year!
We here at Paperclip Agency hope and expect that the current lock-downs and the upcoming wave of vaccinations will have a major impact within a few months.
We’re anticipating the return to ‘normal’ for the live-music business after the summer of 2021.
It’s still quite unpredictable, so some shows or festivals might be possible again in a more or less normal manner earlier, but here at Paperclip Agency we’re quite confident about the period after 2021’s summer.

Live Skull, legendary noise-rockers from New York, are back since a year or two, and have now released their second album since their re-emergence: ‘Dangerous Visions’. Brand-new material and, for the first time ever, their John Peel 1989 session.
Listen to the breathtaking track ‘In a Perfect World‘.
European tour-period: to be announced soon! Get in touch!