updated July 15, 2021

Rob Berends writes:
Last June I learned that Hans Pieters had said goodbye to life. The times were not on his side.
The farewell-ceremony was earlier this month..
Hans was an impressive human being, and a brilliant bass-player. He was in Poppi Uk, the second band I ever worked for, and the first Dutch band at that. I was Poppi Uk’s booking agent throughout the band’s existence (1981-1992) and I was close with all of them.
I was not the only one who thought Poppi Uk were a brilliant band: John Peel invited them for a Peel-session, Dave Henderson released a compilation-album on his Dead Man’s Curve label, record company Community 3 from New York signed the band, Rock Summer Festival in Estonia invited them to play there during the ‘independence’-edition of 1991 (when Estonia was almost independent from the Soviet-Union), etc.
Poppi Uk covered Tuxedomoon’s song ‘No Tears‘ once. This song was played during the farewell-ceremony. Needless to say that the title did not apply.
Hans will be sadly missed by all who knew him.

In many countries. corona restrictions are being lifted or eased, while the vaccination campaigns are progressing. In some countries, restrictions are re-introduced after failed relaxations.
The highly infectious delta-variant from the virus shows that it’s all unpredictable, and we believe that we have already seen that a careless summer will mean another (devastating) lock-down for the live-music bizz in the Autumn, and earlier
Hopefully the delta-variant can be kept in check, and the fantastic artists you find in this link will find their way to your festival!