updated June 15, 2021

End of last week we heard the good news that by the end of this month the Dutch government will ease some of the corona-restrictions for open-air-events by June 30 rather than July 21. Today (as we write this, June 14) we heard this might even happen on June 26.
The Dutch situation is more or less the same as the average situation in other EU-countries.
On the other hand: the easing of the restrictions in England will quite likely be postponed, from June 21 to July 19. This is because of the rising number of infections there with the delta-virus-variant.
We feel that the live-music-sector, and other creative/events-sectors, should serve both the general interest as well as its own interest by clearly and outspokenly promoting vaccination. This is the best strategy we all have to prevent as much as possible the return of lockdowns after September.

English rock-sensation Hardwicke Circus will release their debut album ‘The Borderland’ on July 9. Check out these video ‘Let’s Make New Mistakes‘ and ‘Walking On Broken Glass‘ taken from the new album.

10cc will play the brand-new Amare theatre in Den Haag, The Netherlands, on Friday October 29 this year. This spectacularly designed venue replaces (a.o.) Zuiderstrandtheater. Ticket sales have started.See below for the full Dutch tour by 10cc this year.

The original choir of Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares is available for shows in the Netherlands in September ’22. They had to switch to the name of The Bulgarian Choir Angelité, and their music is just as mystical as it was when they started in ’87.

In September/October of this year, Maria Alyokhina of Pussy Riot will return to the Netherlands and Belgium with her impressive show ‘Riot Days‘. Two dates are still available for shows in the west and south of Belgium: September 26/27.

New York roots ensemble Hazmat Modine is working on a new album, that will be released in spring ’22. In July ’22 they have a confirmed festival in the south of the Netherlands, and are available for 1-2 more shows. See below for available dates.

Adorcism is what Ifriqiyya Electrique will offer you with their show. This is a healing ritual of possession and trance, a centuries old heritage brought here by former slaves who had been sold in North Africa. A syncretism between animism and Islam, Diwan (Algeria), Gnawa (Morocco), Stambeli and Banga (Tunisia). In the spring they are available for shows in the Netherlands.