updated September 17, 2021

Rob Berends writes:
Once upon a time, in the fall of 1981, I started with Paperclip Agency. We will celebrate the 40th anniversary in various ways. One way to celebrate this is by sharing random stories with you in the next couple of months.
The cat-and-mouse game with the-corona-virus continues.
While we’re heading for the Autumn and the Winter, with in most European countries the threat of a violent (fourth?) corona-wave if vaccination-rates do not go up quickly, as several international experts say, relaxations of measurements are happening everywhere, giving us back much more of our freedom, but also creating more opportunities for the virus.
Nobody knows how this will pan out. We wait and see.
Well, actually, we don’t wait! There’s tons of work to do now that all of a sudden in many countries shows can happen again, with our without some restrictions!
The Dutch relaxations start on Sep. 25, and were announced last Tuesday. I’m torn between sheer happiness and deep concern, and the emotions are fierce. And the workload explodes. It reminds me of the intensity of the announcement of the lock-down last year March.
It is great and refreshing and sensational to work on shows in the near future that are very likely to actually happen!
And with my new eye-lens in my right eye (after cataract surgery), and with brand-new glasses, I see physical things much brighter too!
Last weekend one of the bands that I work for actually did play two shows. The Nomads, godfathers of the Swedish garage- and guitar-rock scene, were special guests in Oslo, Norway, with local heroes The Dogs. The shows went really well, despite the allowed 200-seated-capacity-limit per night, this due to postponed relaxations in Norway. The regular standing capacity of the venue is 1.750 and both shows would normally have sold out completely.
And last night, Hilde and I went to see a try-out by Dutch stand-up-comedian and philosopher Tim Fransen, opening up the season for local theater De Lindenberg, and doing his first theater-show in a long, long time. Maybe the Dutch version of stand-up-comedy (we call it cabaret; it’s more in-depth and more political than UK/US-style stand-up-comedy) is my second great cultural love, after music.

I Muvrini:
This band means magic! Not only musically, but also in other ways.
On March 12, 2020, the Dutch government announced that the country would go into lock-down with immediate effect.
I Muvrini was scheduled to play Theaters Tilburg, in Tilburg, The Netherlands, five (5) days later, on March 17.
That show was rescheduled twice.
And that show can now happen! New relaxations come into effect in The Netherlands on Sep. 25, and the show-date is five (5) days later again!
I Muvrini will play Theaters Tilburg, in Tilburg, The Netherlands, on Thursday September 30, 2021.
I Muvrini will also play Parkstad Theaters in Heerlen, The Netherlands, on Saturday October 09, 2021.
For both shows there are still a few tickets available.

Let us as business promote vaccination campaigns for young people, so that we can look forward to a swinging fall, winter and spring, and to a great festival summer in 2022.
Hopefully we can keep the delta-variant in check, and the fantastic artists you find in this link will find their way to your festival!